Sunday, February 13, 2011

so long

after a long hiatus, i've decided to put my last words (update) on this last post. i don't expect anybody to be missing me, my rants, whatsoever, giving my last goodbye to my old days, the campus, degree life. all bittersweets are learned, thanks to all people who have given all their supports and critics abundantly, i can never find any other cure for my loneliness and insecurities while i'm far away from home, you read my rants and you made me feel i'm not alone in anything.

i'm active on facebook and my honorary this blog host, rumahpanjai dot com. big helluva thanks to tuai rumah for giving me a little but homely space for me to keep in touch with my roots.

somehow i think my words seems a little bit like a whooopsie. well, forget that.

i've move on. it's all in the past, yesterdays are history. todays i'm home, and i'm officially a tumblr's.

as for love, i don't know what's left of us. i just know that silence must have meant something, and i refuse to ask and made my own assumption, i don't want to hear any bad news, i'm assuming things are good between me and you, we never break up, we just took a different path, i'm still hoping because i still love you, i'll just go with the flow, just not with the fact we're breaking up, because we never do, just that we're falling apart, and i keep find myself caught in the same statement in this paragraph, i know, i bore you guys. but love, you know who you are, i hope you understand, we are in a big maze and mess and let us keep it that way, and just move on. thanks for peeking into my life, you always a treasure to me, and i'm sorry i didn't slid the chances to say that i fall in love with you long time ago back when we first be around each other, i know, nervous means i've fallen for you and i did back then, and always be. thank you.

thank you, i hope all of you in good health, good wealth, always prosper, always shine in your own way. i'm moving on, not telling where i'm going, because if we are destined, then we will meet again =)

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